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Keep an open mind (5 MB)

Shady Magazine (5.2 MB)

Confessional (6.2 MB)

Which one do you want? (4.6 MB)

Hogan's Heroes (5.1 MB)

Can I get you something? (4 MB)

Everybody loves you, Bob (4.6 MB)

We need to talk (7.3 MB)

PART 1 - "... I sensed a story that had the power of fiction."(1.7 MB)

PART 2 - "Bob Crane is not unlike some other characters I've done."(1.9 MB)

PART 3 - Was your intention to [Bob] Crane's actual story or to make a somewhat fictional version?(3.3 MB)

PART 4 - What kind of research did you do?(3.6 MB)

PART 5 - What does the film say about celebrity?(2 MB)

PART 6 - Bob Crane said the most important thing is likeability. Did you like him while you were writing it [Autofocus]?(1.8 MB)

PART 7 - "I was particularly happy to be able to cast [Greg] Kinnear and [Willem] Dafoe together because they're such opposites."(1.7 MB)

PART 8 - A few word on the visual style of Autofocus.(2 MB)

PART 9 - The musical score. Composer: Angelo Badalamenti.(1.5 MB)

PART 10 - If he [Bob Crane] were alive today do you think he would suffer the same sort of downward spiral? (1.3 MB)