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Nancy Schreiber

(Director of Photography)

has photographed numerous features, documentaries, and music videos including the critically acclaimed "Lush Life" with Jeff Goldblum. She was nominated for an independent Feature Project Spirit Award for her Cinematography on "Chain Of Desire." Nancy was the Director of Photography on "Visions Of Light," a documentary on Cinematographers, as well as the HBO Amnesty International World Tour film with Springsteen, Sting, Peter Gabriel and Tracy Chapman. Nancy also photographed "Through The Wire," "Liberators," "Smart Sex," "The Celluloid Closet" and over 100 music videos for such artists as Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Reba McEntyre, and Billy Idol. Her most recent features include, "Girl In The Cadillac," premiering Cannes '95; "Deadbeat" which was invited along with Ms. Schreiber to Camera Image '94, the Cinematography film festival in Poland, and "Scorpion Spring" premiering at Hamptons Film Festival, starring Esai Morales, Alfred Molina, Ruben Blades and Matthew McConaughey. Nancy was an adjunct professor at A.F.I. in 1993-1994.