Betty Schuurman and Jan DecleirFedja van HuetFedja van Huet and Tamar van den Dop
Fedja van Huet and Betty SchuurmanKLIK FOR LARGER VERSIONJan Decleir
Fedja van Huet and Tamar van den DopFedja van HuetJan Decleir

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Movie Trailer

trailer (5.1MB, 2:10min)
Movie Trailer

clip1(4MB, 1:30min)
Katadreuffe faces Dreverhaven.

clip2(2.8MB, 1:00min)
Joba does not acknowledge Dreverhaven by the pier.

clip3 (2.3MB, :48sec)
Katadreuffe enters the law office.

clip4(5MB, 2:07min)
Katadreuffe's interview with De Gankelaar.

clip5 (4.2MB, 1:35min)
Katadreuffe and Miss Te George in the library.

clip6(6.3MB, 2:24min)
Surprise party for Katadreuffe.

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