The Color of Paradise

The Color of Paradise

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Majid Majidi joined the Art Bureau for the Islamic Propagation Organization shortly after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution and acted in a number of the Bureau's productions. Majidi performed various roles in about ten films, most significantly as a prisoner in Mohsen Makhmalbaf's "Boycott" (1986). From his first acting role in "Seeking Sanctuary" (1983), to his directorial debut with "Baduk" (1992), Majidi went through a decade of extremely valuable experiences reflected in his later works.

No one could have guessed that an actor like Majidi, who worked on such short films such as "Hudaj" (1984), "Examination Day" (1988), and the documentary "A Day With P.O.W.s" (1988), would arouse such a widespread interest with his debut feature. The screening of "Baduk" at the Tenth Fajr Film Festival heralded the emergence of a film director of uncommon talent and insight. The film was nominated for Best Film, Best Musical Score, Best Editing, and Best Actor (Mohammad Kasebi) prizes, and was awarded the Diploma of Honor for Best Screenplay. At the Competition of First and Second Films of Directors, "Baduk" was awarded the Crystal Simorgh Prize for Best Debut Film and the Diploma of Honor for Best Screenplay.

It took Majidi four years to make his second film, "The Father" (1995). In the meantime, he directed a medium-length film titled "The Last Settlement," which won the Golden Butterfly prize for Best Medium-Length Film at the Ninth International Festival of Film and Video for Children and Young Adults of Iran in 1993, plus the Silver Elephant Prize for Best Short Film at the Children's Film Festival of India in 1994.

"The Father" was awarded two of the main prizes (Crystal Simorgh prize of Best Second Film, and the Crystal Simorgh of Best Film at the Competition of the Iranian Cinema) at the 14th Annual Film Festival, as well as major prizes at the San Sabastian, Torino, Troia and the Pearl of the East (Malaysia) Festivals.

After "The Father," Majidi directed another short film titled "God Shall Come," which was awarded the Golden Butterfly of Best Medium-Length Film at the competition of the Iranian and Diploma of Honor at the 11th International Festival of Film and Video for Children and Young Adults of Iran.

With his picture, "The Children of Heaven," Majidi presented a dark picture of two child's lives whose family suffer under extreme economic pressure, yet remain morally centered. The film was nominated for an Academy Award, and has become the most successful Iranian film to be released in the Unites States.

About the Director