Michelle Duncan (Bryony)

In "Driving Lessons” Duncan plays Bryony, a warm and funny Scottish lass who helps Ben lose some of his inhibitions on a whirlwind trip to Edinburgh with Evie. "I'm still at the stage of finding everything slightly overwhelming,” she said endearingly, "I've loved working with Julie Walters - I wanted to tell her she is very like my mum, and she has lovely feet! And Rupert reminded me of my brother...”

Born in Perth, Michelle Duncan has known she wanted to be an actress since she was about three years old! A graduate of St Andrew's University, Duncan was a fellow student with Prince William - and this year played his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, in the television drama "Whatever Love Means” (Laurence Fox played Prince Charles).

In 2005 Duncan moved from Scotland to London ("Even Scottish plays audition in London - I had to make the move”) - and she's had some momentous events since. She toured with Penelope Keith in "Time and the Conways,” played a 16 year old possessed by a poltergeist in "Sea of Souls,” received her first screen kiss in "Whatever Love Means,” then a role in "Sugar Rush” and now salsa dancing in "Driving Lessons.”