Tamsin Egerton (Sarah)

In "Driving Lessons,” Tamsin Egerton plays Sarah, "the kind of girl who is incredibly popular. She's also got a bit of teenage bitchiness and thinks she can do no wrong. She's a bit infatuated with the curate, Peter, and she talks about him a lot. She doesn't mean to be unkind to Ben, but she does find him a bit weird.”

2005 has been a busy, exciting year for Tamsin Egerton. She made her feature film debut in "Keeping Mum” filmed in Cornwall with Rowan Atkinson and Kristen Scott Thomas playing her parents, and Maggie Smith as her grandmother. Then she was cast in the big special effects movie "Eragon” filming in Hungary. Now she has been cast as Sarah, the most popular girl in the class and the dream girl of Ben, played by Rupert Grint, in "Driving Lessons.”

Born in Hampshire in 1988, Tamsin has been featuring in commercials since the mid '90s. She always wanted to become an actress - and is living proof that dreams do come true. Having parents who have nothing to do with show business helps keep her firmly grounded in reality, at the same time providing all the support in the world.