Jing Ke      Ying Zheng, King of Qin
The Assassin. A brutal killer who sheds his past and vows never to kill again. It is only when, by chance, he crosses paths with Lady Zhao that he is asked to raise his sword against tyranny.      Raised in the Kingdom of Zhao, eventually becomes King of Qin and then the First Emperor of unified China.
Lady Zhao      Lu Buwei
The Emperor's lover since their teenage years in the Kingdom of Zhao. Lady Zhao is the closest person to the King and is even willing to sacrifice her beauty for him. The King's destruction of the Kingdom of Zhao alienates the King from his lover. She eventually falls in love with the assassin, Jing Ke.      Prime Minister of Qin and, as we discover in the course of the story, the real father of the First Emperor. The uncertain parentage of the King of Qin was well known. In the story, the Emperor finally discovers that the Prime Minister (who he dismisses as a result of his benevolent attitude towards the Kingdom of Han) is in fact his real father.
Queen Mother      The Marquis, "Lao Ai"
The mother of the King of Qin, like Lady Zhao, is from the Kingdom of Zhao. She carries on a secret liaison with the Marquis and gives birth to two sons. The Queen Mother and her son, the Emperor, enjoy good relations until the Emperor discovers he has two brothers, whose father is his court adversary and a conspirator, the Marquis. The Emperor murders his two brothers and destroys his mother's homeland.      Court official who serves the Queen Mother and is also her lover. the Marquis tries to usurp the Emperor but fails miserably. When the Emperor discovers the relationship between the Marquis and the Queen Mother he murders their children and has the Marquis killed. It is the Marquis who reveals that Lu Buwei is the father of the Emperor and that he is not the legitimate King of Qin.
Prince of Yan      General Fan Yuqi
Ruling prince from the Kingdom of Yan. A childhood friend of the Emperor and Lady Zhao (he was also a hostage in the Kingdom of Zhao as a child) who eventually becomes a fierce rival of the Emperor. In the beginning of the film, the Prince is held hostage in Qin, but is allowed to return to Yan with Lady Zhao. Throughout the film, he plots to murder the Emperor, but fails.      As the Emperor's leading general, he is an omniscient character. Eventually the King's brutality forces the defection of his loyal aid. The King requires Fan Yuqi's head to be delivered before he accepts a meeting with the assassin, Jing Ke.
Master of Rites     
The official historian, responsible for all matters of the Qin Court. In the beginning of the film, the old Master of Rites dies and his grandson takes his place. This is the voice that constantly reminds the King of Qin of his mandate from heaven and the wishes of his forefathers, UNIFY CHINA.