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Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control
film trailer
3.3 MB, 1:49 minutes
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ray mendez (mole rat specialist)
describing first learning about mole rats
1.6 MB, 54 seconds
clip2 thumbnail
george mendonça (topiary gardener)
describing how he makes garden animals
3.3 MB, 1:31 minutes
clip3 thumbnail
rodney brooks (robot scientist)
describing his robots
2.5 MB, 1:02 minutes
clip4 thumbnail
dave hoover (wild animal trainer)
describing how to tame lions
4.4 MB, 2:05 minutes
clip5 thumbnail
mole rat specialist narration
with shots of circus elephants
2.9 MB, 1:17 minutes
clip6 thumbnail
topiary gardener in the rain

1.6 MB, 54 seconds

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