The Governess

Tom Wilkinson
Cast photoTom Wilkinson (Charles Cavendish) is best known to international audiences as Gerald, the stuffy factory foreman turned chagrined choreographer among the unemployed troupe of would-be male strippers in the record-breaking British hit, "The Full Monty," which was nominated for multiple Academy Awards including Best Picture.

Cast photoOne of Britain's busiest actors, Wilkinson has had a long and distinguished theatre career at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Britain's National Theatre (where he last starred as John Proctor in "The Crucible"), the Young Vic, and most recently on stage, in the role of King Lear at London's Royal Court Theatre, where he had also originated the role of Tom (T.S. Eliot) in "Tom and Viv." His many, wide-ranging television credits include the acclaimed series "Prime Suspect," in which he played Helen Mirren's husband, Pecksniff in the BBC's acclaimed serialization of "Martin Chuzzlewit," and the title role in the BBC detective series "Resnick."

Wilkinson made his film debut in Andrjez Wajda's "The Shadow Land," and his early films include David Hare's "Wetherby." In recent years he has appeared in more than a doezen films, including Jim Sheridan's "In The Name Of The Father," Billie August's "Smilla's Sense Of Snow," "The Ghost And The Darkness," and the upcoming "Jilting Joe." He starred with Linus Roache in Antonia Bird's "Priest," played the brutal Marquis of Queensbury in "Wilde," Mr. Dashwood in Ang Lee's "Sense And Sensibility," and Ralph Fiennes' adoptive father in "Oscar and Lucinda" for Gillian Armstrong.

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