The Governess

The Clips

Rosina names herself Mary Blackchurch
(2.4 MB, 0:54 minutes)

Rosina and Clementina meet Mr. Cavendish on the beach
(4.5 MB, 1:45 minutes)

Rosina's first dinner at the Cavendish house
(3.8 MB, 1:40 minutes)

Mr. Cavendish asks Rosina what they have done
(3.3 MB, 1:20 minutes)

Rosina undresses Mr. Cavendish
(7.3 MB, 3:05 minutes)

Rosina arrives on the Isle of Skye
(4.8 MB, 2.10 minutes)

Rosina and Henry in the Library
(2.1 MB, 0.48 minutes)

Rosina tells Mr. Cavendish She sang for him
(4.0 MB, 1:53 minutes)

Rosina and Henry dance on the beach
(4.3 MB, 1:44 minutes)

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