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clip 1

clip 1 (6.1MB, 2:51min)
Henry Tells About His Confession
clip 2

clip 2 (3.5MB, 1:22min)
Henry Tells Simon His Poetry Is Pretty Powerful Stuff
clip 3

clip 3 (4.2MB, 1:23min)
Warren Bothers People About Voting For Congressman
clip 4

clip 4 (7.6MB, 2:42min)
Reporter Comes To Simon's House/Simon Reads His Rejection Letter
clip 5

clip 5 (5.9MB, 2:03min)
Simon Goes To See Angus James
clip 6

clip 6 (7.8MB, 2:43min)
Wedding Scene

Movie Trailer (5.4MB, 2:05min)

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