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LARRY MEISTRICH (Executive Producer). In 1990, Larry Meistrich, a producer, saw the need for an organized and cost-effective structure for nurturing unrecognized film talent. With just $7,000, Meistrich founded the Film Commune, Inc. in New York City and began operations under the trade name The Shooting Gallery (TSG). In his triple role as Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Executive Officer of TSG, Meistrich has been hands-on producer and an integral part of the production of roughly 100 films, commercials and music videos. A dedicated advocate of independent filmmaking, Meistrich currently serves on the boards of the New York Production Council and the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. He has also been a guest panelist at some of the world's most prestigious film events including Sundance, Berlin and Toronto Film Festivals and a featured speaker at forums ranging from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts to the Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco.

As the Executive Producer of such critically acclaimed and diverse projects as director Nick Gomez's "Laws of Gravity", writer/director/actor Billy Bob Thorton's "Sling Blade", Peter Cohn's "Drunks," and Bob Gosse's "Niagara, Niagara," Meistrich has demonstrated a unique ability to seek out and bring to the screen the exceptional work of talented filmmakers. In 1996, Meistrich and TSG made industry history when Thorton's "Sling Blade" was purchased by Miramax for a price that broke all previous sale records in independent film. Meistrich also created The Shooting Gallery Foundation as a means of giving something back to the community. The Foundation sponsors public outreach programs for inner city children, afterschool athletic and educational programs, and a variety of internships in association with New York schools. In addition, the foundation funds pediatric libraries at ten city hospitals and volunteer programs to aid terminally ill children.

So my word is not enough.  My promise worthless.  The fact that I have served my time nothing but the emblem of my continuing guilt.

JEROME BROWNSTEIN (Associate Producer) - Jerome Brownstein has been involved in film and videotape production for the past twenty-five years. In the early 1970's at Director's Group, Inc., his responsibilities included coordinating ten production crews around the world for the NBC television show, "Shell's Wonderful World of Golf."

In 1974, Brownstein formed Action Productions, Inc., and for the past 23 years he has been producing television commercials, industrials, and informational films and videotapes for both major US corporations and the United States government.

Action Features was formed by Brownstein in1988 to produce director/writer Hal Hartley's first feature film, "The Unbelievable Truth." In 1989, True Fiction Pictures was set up by both Hal Hartley and Brownstein where they subsequently produced "Trust," "Simple Men," "Surviving Desire," "Amateur," "Flirt" and "Henry Fool."

I learn so much from these magazines Mr. Dang and I refuse to discriminate between modes of knowing.

MICHAEL SPILLER (Cinematographer) - has shot all of Hal Hartley's feature films and many of his short films and videos. In addition to his collaboration with Hartley, Mike Spiller has also served as director of photography on "Handgun," David Salle's "Search and Destroy," Nicole Holofcener's "Walking and Talking" and Mark Waters' "House of Yes" and, upcoming, Bob Gosse's "Niagara Niagara" and Tony Cinciripini's "Hell's Kitchen." Spiller's television credits include 21 episodes of "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" for Nickelodeon and "Punch and Judy Get Divorced." He has also shot numerous music videos and documentaries.

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