Eva Lazzaro

“Caylin-Calandria lives in Jindabyne, in a caravan park. Her parents own a caravan park—well her grandparents do. Her mum’s died, and she has no dad. I must say, a lot of the time I feel sorry for her. I think she’s two sides of the coin. One side of her is just an innocent seven-year-old girl, and the other side has experienced a lot with her mum’s death from breast cancer. I think Caylin-Calandria finds the death of her mum really scary, and she finds Jude really scary, because Jude’s a scary lady, you know? Not in real life, Deb’s a lovely, kind woman, except Jude is scary. I think she’s very scared of Jude and, towards the end, she feels comfortable with Carl. Caylin-Calandria has kind of adopted Claire as her mum because she’s thinking, ‘Well, I’ve got to find a new mum, because my mum’s dead, so I’ll take Claire, she’s good enough.’”

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