Sean Rees-Wemyss

“Ray was just really kind and funny. He gave me a spider because I really love spiders because I know a lot about them. I’ve read nearly all the books on spiders in the Melbourne library. In some ways I feel sorry for Ray. He’s got a really big job, dealing with this and dealing with that. Sometimes the mic’s not right, and sometimes the actors make a mistake, and Ray has got to be there no matter what. It would be really tiring for him to just sit there all day, staring at the screen. Just imagine sitting down and just staring at one plant for, like, two minutes then getting up for one second and saying, ‘Next time can you do this?’ and getting back in this little box thing, and sitting down and staring at it for two minutes. So, yeah, I feel sorry for him. And I don’t feel sorry for him in a way, because he can explain well and that would make it easier. I think he’s just one of the best directors.”

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