Philippa Bateman — Executive Producer
Philippa Bateman is CEO and one of the founders of April Films. April started life with a first-look deal with Universal Studios and later United Artists/MGM. She was also the acquisitions representative for United Artists/MGM for Australia from 2002 – 2004.

In 2004, with April partner Garry Charny, Philippa set up the April Babcock & Brown Movie Venture with investment bank Babcock & Brown. “Jindabyne”, directed by Ray Lawrence, is the first film to be financed through the venture.

Prior to working in film exclusively, Philippa worked in the visual arts, journalism and academia. Her career in feature film began in Los Angeles working with Oscar-winning screenwriter William Kelley (“Witness”, directed by Peter Weir). She continued to work in feature script development and feature production in the UK before returning to Australia in the mid-1990s where she worked as a senior development and production executive for the AFC (Australian Film Commission). Philippa backed the first films of directors such as Rowan Woods (“The Boys”, “Little Fish”), Gregor Jordan (“Two Hands”, “Buffalo Soldiers”, “Ned Kelly”), Christina Andreef (“Soft Fruit”) and Tony Ayres (“Walking on Water”, “Home Song Stories”). Philippa has overseen the production of several feature films including “The Boys (directed by Rowan Woods and starring Toni Collette and David Wenham) and “Thank God He Met Lizzie” (starring Cate Blanchett and Frances O’Connor).

She has been and remains responsible for the creative development of the April slate and works closely with writers and directors on all April projects. She is also in charge of the creation and implementation of April Distribution’s marketing strategy.

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