Alain Berliner and Georges Du FresneThe Director
Alain Berliner (Director) -- Belgian director Alain Berliner makes his feature film debut with "Ma Vie en Rose." After graduating with honors from the INSAS in Brussels, Alain went to work in various capacities on several public television projects for TF1. Alain's past TF1 projects include: "Monsieur Victor" (1993), "La guerre des prives" (1993), "Extreme Limite" (1992), "A l'ombre de la gloire" (1992) and "Les Galettes de Maimie" (1991). In 1990 Alain's short fiction film titled "Casino" was selected for the Cannes International Film Festival. Alain continues to be a reader and script analyst for the production house of D'Erwin Provoost, Multimedia in Brusels and teaches a class on scriptwriting at the C.R.R.A.V. in Lille. Alain is married and has two children.

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