in the company of men

IN THE COMPANY OF MEN is about a psychological love triangle set within 90s corporate culture.

Chad and HowardChad and Howard, two young white collar executives from a home office in a nameless city, are first seen en route to a six-week business trip at a branch office. Both are frustrated by their lot in life -- passed over for promotions by younger colleagues at work and rejected by their respective long term girlfriends -- so they formulate a plan that will bond them in their pain in order to ultimately feel better about themselves as men. All they need now is a girl.

Chad and ChristineChad's late night barroom suggestion is to find a young woman susceptible enough to be pulled into a situation in which both men can date her during their stay, someone not used to this kind of attention. If luck is with them, they'll dash her hopes during their last days in town and, as Chad says, "she'll be reaching for the sleeping pills within a week and you and me, we'll laugh about this until we're very old men." Not long after they arrive, Chad discovers a beautiful deaf woman working in the typing pool.

Howard and ChristineWhat ensues is a cat-and-mouse game of one-upmanship that escalates into full scale psychological warfare. Both Chad and Howard work to win the affections of the young woman, yet the intensity and reasons behind their deception begin to take drastically different courses. Only too late does this "frat boy" prank begin to reveal itself as deadly serious, with a struggle between the two men at the heart of the battle. The woman is only a means to an end, a pawn easily captured and tossed aside in a dark, wicked duel for corporate ascension.

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