As one of the Dogma 95 Brethren and cosignatory of the Vow of Chastity, I feel moved to confess to the following transgressions of the aforesaid vow during the production of Dogme3—"Mifune." Please note that the film has been approved as a Dogma work, as only one genuine breach of the rules has taken place, the rest may be regarded as moral breaches.

I confess to having made one take with a black drape covering a window. This is not only the addition of a property, but must also be regarded as a kind of lighting arrangement.

I confess to moving furniture and fittings around the house.

I confess to having taken with me a number of albums of my favorite cartoon series as a youth, Lindsey and Valentin.

I confess to helping chase the neighbor's free range hens across our location and including them in the film.

I confess that I bought a photographic image from an old lady from the area and hung it in a prominent position in one scene: not as part of the plot, but more as a selfish, spontaneous, pleasurable whim.

I confess to borrowing a hydraulic platform from a painter, which we used for the only two birds-eye overview shots in the film.

I do solemnly declare that in my presence the remainder of Dogma 3—"Mifune" was produced in accordance with the Vow of Chastity.

I also point out that the film has been approved by DOGMA 95 as a Dogma film, as in real terms no more than a single breach of the rules has been committed. The rest may be regarded as moral transgressions.

Copenhagen, 20 January 1999
Søren Kragh-Jacobsen

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