Anders W. Berthelson (Kresten) was born in 1963 and graduated from the State Theatre School in Copenhagen in 1993. He has appeared in numerous stage productions to great critical acclaim, including Lars Noren's "Personkreds 3" (1998). He is a household name in Denmark for his role in the hugely popular Sunday evening soap "Taxa." "Mifune" is his second feature film. His first was Niels Arden Oplev's "Portland" (1996), in which, like "Mifune," he becomes Iben Hjejle's boyfriend.

Iben Hjejle (Liva) was born in 1971, and graduated from the State Theatre School in Copenhagen (1996). The year before her graduation she played Gretchen in Goethe's "Faust" at the Betty Nansen Theatre in Copenhagen. After discovering her in his short film, "Naked" (1991), director Niels Arden-Oplev cast her as a girl who takes up with a violent ex-con (played by "Mifune" co-star Anders W. Berthelson) in "Portland" (1996). Hjejle appears regularly at the Ostre Gasverk Theatre in Copenhagen, where she is a member of the company, recently as the female counterpart of Don Juan in Lars Kaalund's play "Donna Juan."

Iben Hjejle (whose name is pronounced EE-ben YI-leh) recently made her American film debut in Stephen Frears' "High Fidelity," co-starring John Cusack and will star in Søren Kragh-Jacobsen's next film, "Skagerak."

Jesper Asholt (Rud) was born in 1960 and graduated from Arbus Theatre School in 1991. He has played many parts on stage, including classics such as "Richard III" and "King Lear." Besides "Mifune," his screen credits include the Danish Academy Award Winner "Let's Get Lost" (1997) and "Baby Doom" (1998). In the autumn he will be back on screen in "Bornholms Stemme" directed by Lotte Svendsen. He has also made frequent appearances on Danish television.

Sofie Gråbøl (Claire) is only thirty, and yet she is already one of the biggest stars of the Danish stage and screen. At fourteen she made her feature debut in the English language "Oviri," in which she played the young Judith with whom Paul Ganguin (Donald Sutherland) falls in love. She has received countless awards and accolades for the dozen or so features she has appeared in thus far and, as a stage actress, has made a huge impact at Denmark's leading theaters.

  Kresten, Liva, Rud

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