Søren Kragh-Jacobsen (Writer/Director) was born in Copenhagen in 1947. He qualified as an electrical engineer in 1968, but went to Prague the following year and graduated with a major in documentary films from FAMU in 1970. He worked for Denmarks Radio from 1971 to 1983, where he was responsible for a large number of projects in the youth genre. His film career has continued in this pattern, as most of his films are directed towards children. His first feature, "Do You Want to See My Beautiful Bellybutton?" (1977), was followed by "Rubber Tarzan" (1981), "Thunderbirds" (1983), "Shower of Gold" (1986), "Emma's Shadow" (1987), "The Boys from St. Petri" (1991), and "The Island on Bird Street" (1996). Kragh-Jacobsen also directed the TV series "Goodbye Lulow" (1980), the telefilm "Life is a Good Reason" (1985), and the Swedish mini-series "The Bishop from Corsica."

Several of Kragh-Jacobsen's films have won Danish Academy Awards for Best Film, and his International Honors include: the UNICEF First Prize for Best Children's Film at the Berlin Film Festival for "Rubber Tarzan;" Best Children's Film at Cannes for "Emma's Shadow;" and a Memorial François Truffaut prize at Giffoni in 1991. In addition to directing, he is a songwriter and interpreter of his own songs. He has recorded three albums, one of which, "Hopscotch On the Motorway" is a cult classic in Denmark. His next film, "Skagerak," will star Iben Hjejle.

Birgitte Hald and Bo Ehrhardt (Producers) are executive producers for Nimbus Film, a company set up by filmmakers from the National Film School of Denmark. Hald, under the aegis of Nimbus Film, produced Thomas Vinterberg's Cannes winner (and Dogma film) "The Celebration" (1998), as well as his first feature "The Greatest Heroes" (1996). The company's first feature was "The Beast Within" (1995), directed by Carsten Rudolf. In 1999, Nimbus Film is releasing two more features, Ole Christina Madsen's "Pizza King" and Trine Phil Christensen's "Rent a Family."

Anthony Dod Mantle (Cinematographer) was born in 1955 and grew up in Oxford, England. Half Scottish, he came to Denmark for the first time in 1979. He qualified as a photographer in 1983 and then took permanent residence in Denmark where he enrolled in the National Film School in 1985. His first feature behind the camera was the German film "Terrorists" by Phillip Gronning (1991). Dod Mantle then filmed "The Beast Within" (1995), "Operation Cobra" by Lasse Spang Olsen (1995), "The Greatest Heroes" (1996) and Thomas Vinterberg's prize-winning "The Celebration" (1998). Upcoming is Lotte Svendsen's "Bonholm's Stemme."

  Director Soren Kragh-Jacobsen

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"Do You Want to See My Beautiful Bellybutton?"
"Rubber Tarzan"
"Emma's Shadow"
"The Boys from St. Petri"
"The Island on Bird Street"
Birgitte Hald
Bo Ehrhardt
Anthony Dod Mantle

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