Kresten (Anders W. Berthelsen) has quickly become a whirlwind success in business in Copenhagen. The morning after his wedding (to the boss' daughter), he receives a distressing phone call—his father has just died. He has trouble explaining this, because he told everyone—including his wife Claire (Sofie Gråbøl)—that he has no living relatives.

Returning to his father's dilapidated, run-down farm, he comes across his elder brother, Rud (Jesper Asholt), a mentally handicapped, childlike creature quite unable to fend for himself. While taking care of his father's funeral arrangements, Kresten distracts Rud by pretending to be samurai Toshiro Mifune—a favorite game from their youth.

Determined not to let his poverty-stricken past be revealed, Kresten keeps his wife at bay with one lie after another. Eventually, he comes up with a desperate plan: he advertises for a housekeeper to look after his brother.

But the arrival of beautiful Liva (Iben Hjejle) only serves to make Kresten's life more complicated. Liva also isn't who she pretends to be. In order to her keep rebellious brother Bjarke (Emil Tarding) in private school, she's been working as a call girl in the city. Now she's on the run from her pimp and a mysterious man who has been threatening her on the phone.

With a highly suspicious wife on her way to the farm, a feeble-minded brother in the garden, old enemies in the farmyard, and a lovely lady in the bedroom, Kresten's problems are only beginning...

"Mifune," the third film from the Danish Dogma Collective (preceded by Thomas Vinterberg's "The Celebration" and Lars Von Trier's "The Idiots"), is a consistently entertaining dark comedy, which justifiably created a sensation at this year's Berlin Film Festival.

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Anders W. Berthelsen
Sofie Gråbøl
Jesper Asholt
Iben Hjejle
Emil Tarding
Thomas Vinterberg
"The Celebration"
Lars Von Trier
"The Idiots"

Kresten pretends to be samurai Toshiro Mifune

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