Gad Zabari
Anouk Spitzer
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Ankie Spitzer (Nee Rechess): Widow of Andre Spitzer - Israeli Fencing Coach. Is now a journalist and Israeli Correspondent for Dutch Television.

Jamal Al Gashey: Terrorist

Gerald Seymour: ITN News Reporter in 1972. He is now a novelist.

Alex Springer: Son of Jacov Springer, Israeli Weight Lifting Coach and Olympic judge

Gad Zabari: Israeli Wrestler who escaped from the terrorists in Munich

Shmuel Lalkin: Head of Israeli Olympic Delegation 1972

Manfred Schreiber: Munich Chief of Police 1972, a Law graduate and the youngest Police Chief in 1963

Walther Troger: Mayor of Olympic Village in 1972 and is now Head of the German Olympic Committee

General Ulrich K Wegener: Hans Dietrich Genscher Aide-de-camp in 1972. After the tragedy at Munich he then went on to found the German Anti-Terrorist Squad GSG-9

Hans-Dietrich Genscher: German Minister of the Interior in 1972. Subsequently became Germanyıs longest serving Foreign Minister - retired in 1992

Schlomit Romano: Daughter of Josef Romano, murdered Israeli Weight Lifter

Magdi Gohary: Adviser to Arab League

Zvi Zamir: Chief of MOSSAD (Israeli Secret Service 1968- 1974)

Dan Shillon: Israeli Television journalist

Heinz Hohensinn: Munich Police

Esther Roth: Israeli Olympic Runner 1972

Hans Jochen Vogel: Mayor of Munich 1960-1972

Anouk Spitzer: Daughter of Andre Spitzer, murdered Israeli Fencing Coach