Tom Tykwer

Born in Wuppertal in 1965, Tykwer directed his first Super-8 film at the age of 11. A self-taught filmmaker, Tykwer took over management of the "Moviemento" cinema in Berlin in 1988. He has worked as a script supervisor and provided several film portraits for television of his favorite film directors, including Lars Von Trier, Wim Wenders and Peter Greenaway.

In 1993, Tykwer directed his first film, Deadly Maria. Together with director Wolfgang Becker, he wrote the screenplay for Life Is All You Get, which received several international awards. In 1997, his romantic thriller Winter Sleepers was also warmly received internationally.

Stefan Arndt

Arndt is the co-founder of the German-based Berlin Sputnik Collective. In 1992, he took over as head of Sputnik Film and co-founded the production company Liebesfilm with Tom Tykwer. One Year Later they co-produced Tykwer's debut Deadly Maria. In 1994, they founded X-Filme, where he joined forces with Tykwer, Dani Levi (Silent Night) and Wolfgang Becker (Life Is All You Get). In 1998, Dani Levi's The Giraffe became the first X-Filme production shot in English. X-Film is currently looking ahead to international co-productions.

Frank Griebe
Director of Photography

In 1993 Griebe was awarded the Kodak Prize for his camera work on Tom Tykwer's Deadly Maria, which was followed by the German Camera Prize in 1994 and the Student Prize at the Manaki Brothers' Camera Festival in Bitola. In 1998 he won the German Film Prize for his work on Tykwers Winter Sleepers and Zugvogel...einmal nach Inari. His other credits include Gregor Schnitzler's In Namen des Gesetzes and Christoph Eichorn's Der Mann auf der Bettkante.