Matthew Lillard (STEVO) -- As the hyper-kinetic Stuart in the surprise hit movie Scream, which has grossed more than $200 million, Matthew Lillard has captured audiences with his extreme portrayals earning critical acclaim and worldwide recognition.

Recently, Lillard has been seen opposite Marlon Wayans and David Spade in Dimension Films' Senseless, a film that marked Lillard's latest foray into a pantheon of characters he terms as 'extreme.' He also starred in Serial Mom, as Ricki Lake's wide-eyed brother, Mad Love, as Chris O' Donnel's hyper best friend, Hackers, which found him gleefully assaying the role of 'serial killer' and as an anti-abortion extremist opposite Cher in HBO's If These Walls Could Talk. He also starred opposite Emmy winner Kim Delaney in ABC's critically acclaimed movie The Devil's Child.

Most recently, Lillard was seen co-starring in the Tom Cruise/Paula Wagner and Warner Bros. feature Without Limits. Directed by Robert Towne, the film tells the story of ill-fated Olympic runner Steve Prefontaine.

Born in Michigan, Lillard was raised in California. He became interested in the theatre after his father made him choose between a typing or acting class to prepare for a future in sales. That choice prompted Lillard to realize his true calling.

In 1991, Lillard moved to New York City, performing in Circle in the Square and an acting group called summoners Ensemble. Lillard honed his stage skills in such productions as "G.O.D.," "No Tresspassing Zone," and "A Child's Christmas in Wales."

Now based in Los Angeles, Lillard has landed one film role after another and has become active in Sphere Alliance, an L.A. based theatre company. Lillard will next be seen co-starring in the romantic comedy She's All That, which is scheduled for release January 29, 1999. The film also stars Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook. In February of 1999, Lillard will also be seen opposite Prinze Jr. and Saphron Burrough's in Fox Family Films' Wing Commander. Lillard plays the role of 'Maniac' in this sci-fi adventure based on the popular game.

Lillard is currently in production executive producing and starring in the independent feature Collectors, with Vincent D'Onofrio. The film is a psychological thriller about three small time thieves who try to swindle one another on a heist.

In February of next year, Lillard is off to London to begin filming his next feature film, Love's Labor's Lost. Lillard will star opposite Kenneth Branagh and Nathan Lane in this musical/comedy based on the Shakespearean play. The film follows four men's lives as they find fairytale romance through a great deal of sweetly comedic mayhem in pre-WWII England.

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