Sam Maydew (PRODUCER) -- Sam Maydew is the president and Founding partner of M.Z.O. (Maydew, Zacharias, Okwo) Entertainment, a management and production company. M.Z.O. currently represents 19 actors, writer and directors, including Chi McBride (Hoodlum, Mercury Rising), Catherine Bell (Jag), Sonja Sohn (The star of Sundance 1998 winner Slam ) and director James Merendino.

While representing Merendino for the past five years, Maydew was a producer on his two earlier films, Terrified, starring Heather Graham, as well as A river Made to Drown In, starring Richard Chamberlain and Michael Imperioli.

Maydew recently completed production on a mid-season pilot for CBS, entitled "Odd Man Out," which is executive produced by Bill Cosby and starring Chi McBride. A Seattle native, Maydew began his career in the P.R. department of the Seattle Seahwks in the summer of 1988.

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Stevo's Parents
     "We both graduated college after taking summer classes, a major feat considering our aim in college was to be as destructive as possible. Our mission after leaving high school as two aspiring young punks, I think like the only two punks in Salt Lake City at the time, was to go to University and bring down the system. Why? Well for obvious reasons, anarchy, the only system of government that seemed to make any sense to us at all. And the irony was, well we had made it through. I did well, even."