James Merendino (WRITER/DIRECTOR) -- James Merendino was born in New Jersey and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He avoided film school in order to make films. His directing career began in 1991 at the age of twenty-three when he directed the film Witchcraft 4 for a low-budget independent B-label. The film grew to cult status and Merendino went on to direct Delilah, another exploitation film. His work on this film, albeit interesting, led Merendino to the conclusion that he should stop making other people's films and try making his own. The Upstairs Neighbor was the result of this revelation. Called 'a superbly crafted work of psychological suspense" by the L.A. times, the piece won international acclaim.

After the success of The Upstairs Neighbor, Merendino decided to tackle the nature of insanity when he made the motion picture Toughguy, starring Heather Graham. The film was received with much controversy. It's exploration of the dark side of humanity was both disturbing and terrifying. The movie premiered at the Turin Film Festival and was featured with The Upstairs Neighbor at a retrospective in Rome.

Next came the action fable Livers Ain't Cheap, with James Russo, Emily Lloyd and Rod Steiger. This Taught, suspenseful crime-drama, peppered with humor and a relentless style was received with enthusiasm and went straight to the Venice Film Festival.

Merendino's last film, A River to Drown In, an earnest and uncompromising look at human emotion, premiered at the 1997 Hamptons Film Festival.

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