Devon Sawa (SEAN) -- Sawa next stars in Tri-Star's horror-comedy Idle Hands, where he plays a high school student whose hands literally become possessed by the devil. Directed by Rodman Flenders, the film co-stars Seth Greene and Viveca Fox. He has also completed work on The Shooting Gallery's Around the Fire, a modern-day prodigal son story, following a boy's emotional struggle to come to terms with his father and himself. He has also appeared in Little Giants with Ed O' Neal, Now and Then with Christina Ricci and The Boys Club, opposite Chris Penn. Sawa has gained much attention in the title role of Casper as the ghost's human persona -- once again opposite Christina Ricci, as well as Wild America.

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Heroin Bob Smiling
     "So Heroin Bob was named as such 'cause he was afraid of needles, but you know not just needles, the guy was afraid of drugs too. We couldn't even get him to take a damn asprin. He drank, and he smoked cigarettes, but that was it."