Peter Ward (PRODUCER) -- Peter Ward began his entertainment career in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he spent several years producing experimental theatre and performance art, writing and directing esoteric art films and performing in the punk band "Park Vomit." He then came to his senses, moved to Los Angeles, and began working his way up in the film business.

Ward joined "blue tulip productions" as Director of Production in 1996, after serving as Director of Development at Mike's Movies, Michael Peyser's former company, since 1994. He also worked in a producing capacity on some of Peyser's recently completed films, including Matilda, Hackers, and Camp Nowhere.

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, the son of academics, he abandoned his studies in Post-Structural Hermeneutics to pursue a career in the movies.

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Stevo at Dinner
     "I have my own agenda. Harvard: out. University of Utah: In. I am going to get a 4.0 in damage."