The SLC Punk soundtrack, on Hollywood Records, features many of the classic punk rock bands of the 80's, such as Blondie, The Ramones, The Specials and Generation X, as well as a cover of the classic "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden," by The Suicide Machines.
The Suicide Machines
"I Never Promised You a Rose Garden"
"Sex and Violence"
Generation X
"Kiss Me Deadly"
"I Love Livin' in the City"
The Velvet Underground
"Rock and Roll"
The Stooges
"Mirror in the Bathroom"
The Specials
"Too Hot"
The Ramones
"Cretin Hop"
The Dead Kennedys
"Kill the Poor"
     "So here's this band. ECP: Extreme Corporeal Punishment. One of the toughest most hardcore bands in the UK. Good band as well. They come to Salt Lake City they think it's too tough for them--an 18-year old punk beat the **** out of their bouncer. I rest my case on this: in a country of lost souls, rebellion comes hard. But in a religously oppressive city, which half it's popluation isn't even of that religion, it comes like fire."