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Solomon and Gaenor
Nia Roberts as Gaenor
Nia Roberts as Gaenor
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A graduate of drama from Birmingham University, Nia Roberts has been acting professionally for four years. Her television credits include Newes of the Weeke, Y Palmant Aur II, Y Palmant Aur I Halen yn y Owaed, Glan Hafren, Pobyl y Cwn, Dim Cliw, The Farm, and she has also appeared in the film, The Theory of Flight.

Her role as Gaenor in SOLOMON & GAENOR represents the Welsh actress's first lead in a feature film.

'Just from reading a couple of scenes,' explains Nia, 'I knew I wanted to play the character. It's a fantastic script with so many layers. The characters are beautifully written-they're so complex and so real. Its also so visual and atmospheric.'

Her character is a gentle, obedient chapel girl, whose love for Solomon scandalizes her community. 'Typical of that time, Gaenor is very downtrodden by her family,' says Nia. 'But she has this tremendous spirit despite all the things that happen to her and she has an ability to love. At first she doesn't have the opportunity to express herself. Through meeting Solomon she can be herself: he gives her the strength she needs.'

Nia regards her role in Solomon as her most difficult yet. 'Emotionally it was very intense, partly because we had to do the scenes twice over--once in English and once in Welsh. I certainly found it very hard to let go of Gaenor at the end of each day's filming.'