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Solomon and Gaenor
William Thomas as Idris
William Thomas as Idris
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William Thomas plays the role of Idris, Gaenor's father, a proud Welsh patriarch, who is steeped in the traditions of the Welsh mining community and who is much respected in his chapel-worshipping village. The actor's film and television credits include the lead role of Bryn Cartwright in Twin Town, Darklands, Tide Race, Trip Trap, Dafydd, Sticky Wickets, Magnificent Evans, Only Fools and Horses, EastEnders, Life and Times of David Lloyd George, Fasting Girl, Licyris Olsorts, Three Sisters, We are Seven, Forever Green, A Mind to Kill, Ballroom, After the War, Tori Gwynt, Glan Hafren, Halen yn y Gwaed, Tu Fewn Tu Fas, Bydd yn Wrol, Cracking Up, Y Teulu.

William describes SOLOMON & GAENOR as 'a love story told in an uncompromising way. It's got a real edge to it and it makes you work as a viewer. The characters certainly aren't black and white. My character Idris is Gaenor's father, a tough, hard man, a miner, who's had a hard life. He's very religious and very uncompromising. He's also a staunch union-man, a genuine socialist and a very strict father. All in all, he was a very interesting character to play.'