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Cast and Crew
Christopher Sheppard: Producer
The Tango Lesson is producer Christopher Sheppard's second feature film. In 1992 he produced Sally Potter's internationally acclaimed Orlando, a five-nation co-production with partners in Russia, France, Holland and Italy. With The Tango Lesson  Christopher has once again brought together a dynamic team of independent film companies from around the world: OKCK Films in Argentina, PIE in France, NDF in Japan, Pandora Film in Germany and Sigma pictures in Holland.

When Christopher formed Adventure Pictures in 1988, his intention was to produce distinctive, high quality feature films in addition to the documentary films which he has been making since 1985. His aim is to break new ground wherever possible, and The Tango Lesson bears witness to this, combining dance, music and film through the interpretation and direction of a single artist.

Christopher began producing and directing documentary films after a successful career in publishing, first as a journalist, then managing editor of an international magazine. His first film, Man-Made Famine, presented by Glenda Jackson, won many awards. He has made over twenty documentary films (including Death Of A Runway (1992) and Child's Eye (1995), both nominated for Royal Television Society awards).

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