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Pablo Veron
The Tango Lesson is Pablo Veron's first leading role in the cinema. Star of Tango Argentina and Les Folies Bergere, Pablo has been a dancer since the age of nine, and has performed in over 30 cities in Europe since moving to France from his native Buenos Aires. One of the most celebrated tango dancers from the

Pablo formed his own dance company in Buenos Aires, while also performing in such highly successful shows as Evita (1986) and Cabaret (1987-1988). Pablo first came to Paris in the acclaimed Tango Argentino in 1989, which went on to enjoy a sold-out, world-wide tour. An instant success in the French dance world, Pablo was asked to perform in Mortadella by director Alfredo Arias, which won the Prix Moliére for Best Musical in 1993. The partnership with Alfredo Arias continued in 1993-1994 with the show Fous Des Folies for the world-famous Folies Bergére, to which Pablo brought his skills in jazz and tap dance, choreography, and--of course--Argentinian tango. Fous Des Folies ran for eighteen months and was widely featured on French television. Alfredo Arias has since directed Pablo in Tango for the Monte Carlo Rose Ball of 1995.

Pablo Veron

In 1993 Sally Potter contacted Pablo for tango lessons. A year and a half later they had become dance partners and were invited to perform together professionally in Amsterdam (Gran Noche De Tango) and Marseilles (Les Trottoirs De Marseilles) in 1995. When Sally started to work on her idea for a feature film based on the tango, she invited Pablo to participate both as performer and choreographer. Their preparation for the film covered many months, and took them to Buenos Aires--the first time Pablo had returned there in four years.

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