Tango -- The Performers
Mía Maestro  as Elena Flores

A talented young actress, Mia is already, at age 22, an accomplished actress, dancer and singer. Her studies, carried out in Berlin and Buenos Aires, have encompassed a wide gamut, from music and dancing to acting. She is a specialist in the repertoire of Kurt Weil, whose songs she has interpreted on different occasions, and was selected for a part in Alan Parker's Evita.

Mia MaestroAfter her successful stage debut last year in a Carlo Goldoni trilogy, she is currently working with a contemporary chamber music group and rehearsing for a show about Japanese myths to be performed soon in Buenos Aires. This is her first screen appearance. Saura said he was looking for "a very capable, very young and very beautiful actress who in addition had to dance really well. Mia is intelligent, sensitive, disciplined and she can sing as well..."