Tango -- The Production
CARLOS SAURA (Director) -- Born in Huesca, Spain, on January 4, 1932, Carlos Saura began as a photographer at the age of eighteen. From 1952 to 1963, he attended the Institute of Cinema in Madrid, first as a student and then as a teacher himself, and shot several short features including a documentary about his elder brother Antonio. His subsequent work as a freelancer on films defying Franco's regime got him constantly into trouble with censors. His association with Geraldine Chaplin, his wife and source of inspiration, yielded no less than nine films in a span of eleven years, from Peppermint Frappé to Los Ojos Vendados. Soon after, he launched himself into the making of a series of musically inspired features: Blood Wedding and Carmen, in which Antonio Gades appeared as choreographer and performer, Manuel de Falla's A Love Bewitched (El Amor Brujo), Ay, Carmela!, an adaptation of a classical Spanish operetta, and Flamenco. His delivery today of Tango is proof of his undying commitment to the genre.

Vittorio Storaro and Carlos Saura Over his forty years of career, Carlos Saura has garnered a number of awards, amongst which the 1976 Special Jury Prize at Cannes for Raise Ravens (Cría Guervos), the Golden Bear at the 1981 Berlin Festival with Fast, Fast (Deprisa, Deprisa), and two Silver Bear awards for best direction for The Hunt (La Caza) in 1966 and Peppermint Frappé in 1967. Other than these, his film Ay, Carmela! was awarded two Goya prizes (the equivalent in Spain of the French Césars) in 1991 for best direction and best adaptation together with co-writer Rafael Azcona. Saura, also received a mention at the San Sebastián Festival in 1996 for Taxi, and obtained the prize for best direction in the Montreal World Film Festival in 1997 for Pajarico.

Over and above his specific obsessions - death, solitude, family breakdown, the effect on reality of dreams and memories -, Saura's extensive filmography bears evidence to his great versatility and wide range of interests...in which music and dancing hold a prominent position.

1955 Antonio Saura (short documentary feature)
1956 El pequeño río Manzanares (short film)
1957 La tarde del domingo (short film)
1958 El pisito (performer)
Cuenca (director of photography, screenwriter, producer)
1960 Los Golfos (director)
1963 Muere una mujer (screenwriter)
1964 Llanto por un bandido (director)
1966 La caza (The Hunt) (director, screenwriter)
1967 Peppermint frappé (director)
1968 Stress es tres, tres (director, screenwriter)
1969 La madriguera (director)
1970 El jardín de las delicias (The Garden of Delights), (director, screenwriter)
1972 Ana y los lobos (director, screenwriter)
1973 La prima Angélica (director)
1975 Cría cuervos (Raise Ravens) (director, screenwriter)
1977 Elisa, vida mía (Elisa, My Life) (director, screenwriter)
1978 Los ojos vendados (director, screenwriter)
1979 Mama cumple cien años (director, screenwriter)
1980 Deprisa, deprisa (Fast, Fast) (director)
1981 Bodas de sangre (Blood Wedding) (director)
Dulces horas (Tender Hours) (director)
1982 Antonieta (director, screenwriter)
1983 Carmen (director, screenwriter, choreography)
1984 Los zancos (The Stilts) (director, screenwriter)
1985 El amor brujo (A Love Bewitched) (director, screenwriter, choreography)
1988 El Dorado (director, screenwriter)
1989 La noche oscura (The Dark Night) (director, screenwriter)
1990 ¡Ay, Carmela! (director, screenwriter)
1992 El sur (The South) (director, screenwriter)
Sevillanas (director, screenwriter)
1993 ¡Dispara! (director, screenwriter)
Marathon (director)
1995 Flamenco (director)
1996 Taxi (director)
1997 Pajarico (director, screenwriter)
Tango (director)
1998 ¡Esa luz! (director)

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