Tango -- The Production
LALO SCHIFRIN (Score and Musical Director) -- Four-time Grammy award winner and six-time Oscar nominee, Lalo Schifrin has also been awarded a BMI Life Achievement award and a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mr. Schifrin was commissioned to direct the grand finale for the World Soccer Cup in Rome with the three tenors: Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo and José Carreras. The video and compact disc sales of this concert are still among the highest ever for a classical music release. Recently, Mr. Schifrin directed the Marseilles Symphonic Orchestra in a tribute to the first 100 years of cinema.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1932, Lalo Schifrin studied music in Paris. He played in Dizzie Gillespie's orchestra and was also Astor Piazzola's pianist for the first Tango album recorded by Piazzola in Paris, the "Concert for Bandoneón and Orchestra." The opportunity to orchestrate and compose Tango music, his real passion, for the greatest musicians and performers in his homeland, Argentina, is something Mr. Schifrin undertook with great relish.

Mr. Schifrin's work includes such memorable scores as Norman Jewison's The Cincinnati Kid, Stuart Rosenberg's Cool Hand Luke, Peter Yates' Bullitt, John Boorman's Hell in the Pacific, Don Siegel's Dirty Harry, Bob Rafelson's Brubaker, and, more recently, Tom Shadyac's Ace Ventura, Pet Detective and Brian de Palma's rendering of the famous television series Mission: Impossible. With a track record such as this, Lalo Schifrin's musical contribution to Tango could be nothing less than flawless.

1965 The Cincinnati Kid
1966 Murderer's Row
1967 Cool Hand Luke
1967 The President's Analyst
1967 Who's Minding the Mint?
1968 The Brotherhood
1968 Bullitt
1968 The Fox
1968 Hell in the Pacific
1969 Che!
1970 Kelly's Heroes
1971 The Beguiled
1971 Dirty Harry
1971 The Hellstrom Chronicle
1971 THX-1138
1972 Joe Kidd
1972 Prime Cut
1973 Enter the Dragon
1973 Magnum Force
1975 The Four Musketeers
1976 Voyage of the Damned
1979 The Amtyville Horror
1979 The Concorde - Airport '79
1980 Brubaker
1980 The Competition
1983 The Osterman Weekend
1983 The Sting II
1983 Sudden Impact
1985 The Mean Season
1986 Black Moon Rising
1988 The Dead Pool
1993 The Beverly Hillbillies
1994 Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
1997 Tango

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