Tango -- The Story
MARIO SÛAREZ launches himself into the making of the ultimate film about Tango. Using poignant, beautifully stirring tango music as a source of inspiration, Mario searches to find a narrative thread which will hold it all together. Images of his own life (his successful career, his mid-life crisis, his ex-wife) converge in Mario's movie, revolving around riveting dance numbers of requited and unrequited love.

While out scouting for talent at a Milonga bar, Mario is introduced to Angelo Larroca, a gangster and financier of Mario's film. Angelo asks Mario to audition his mistress, Elena, a gifted and stunning young dancer.

Mario and Elena become entangled in a passionate and dangerous love affair. Elena's dancing improves constantly, the choreography reaching greater heights of beauty and precision, and a wave of powerful creativity sweeps through the set.

At the same time, Laura, Mario's ex-wife, notices Elena's meteoric rise and is resentful about sharing the spotlight. The clash between the two women on one hand and the two men on the other becomes inevitable. Angelo makes threats but Mario not only ignores him but makes matters worse by allowing Elena to move in with him.

The dance in the film then takes center stage, expressing love and hate, life and art, the sins of the past and the hope for the future...