Born in 1941 in Leningrad, Lipartiya studied at the St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (FINEC). In 1960 she was hired by Lenfilm Studios. Since 1976 she has edited close to sixty films, collaborating with such distinguished directors as Aleksei Balabanov, Dinara Asanova and Dmitry Meskhiev. She holds the title “Honored Filmmaker of Russia.”

2005 Italianets (The Italian)
2005 Pervyj Posle Boga (First After God)
2003 Osobennosti Natsionalnoi Politiki (Peculiarities of the National Politics)
2002 Dnevnik Kamikadze (Diary of a Kamikaze)
2001 Mekhanicheskaya Suita (Mechanical Suite)
1997 Brat (Brother)
1997 Upyr’ (Vampire)
1994 Zamok (The Castle)
1985 Prostaya Smert’ (A Simple Death)
1984 Milyi, Dorogoi, Lyubimyi, Edinstvennyi (My Sweet, My Dear, My Beloved, My Only One)
1983 Patsany (Teenagers, aka Tough Kids)
1979 Zhena Ushla (The Wife Has Left)