DECLAN QUINN (Director of Photography) is an acclaimed cinematographer who thrilled audiences with the visuals on the hit "Leaving Las Vegas," starring Nicolas Cage and Elizabeth Shue. Quinn learned his skills at Chicago's Columbia College and also spent time in Ireland (living there and working there for several years). His other recent credits include the stunning "Kama Sutra" directed by Mira Nair, "One Night Stand" starring Wesley Snipes and Natassia Kinski, "Carried Away" with Amy Irving, Dennis Hopper and Gary Busey, "Vanya on 42nd Street," Louis Malle's last film, "The Ballad of Little Jo," "Blood and Concrete - A Love Story," "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare" and "The Kill-Off."

Declan recognizes the importance of family, and notes, "I'm there for Paul, talking about shots as well as lighting, so it's a handful," admits Quinn. "But I am enjoying working with Paul and Aidan, as well as a really great crew that's the best I've ever worked with in Ireland. They are a really brilliant bunch of people." Brother Paul says of Declan: "He's a filmmaker in his own right. I mean, the way he thinks and sees, he is a director in many ways, except that he is also an image genius. It has been amazing working with him, because he can distill an image down to more than I ever imagined.

Declan has won two Independent Spirit Awards as well as others including Sundance and MTV Awards for cinematography.

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