PAUL QUINN (Writer/Director) makes his filmmaking debut with "This is My Father," having previously worked in the theater as both director and actor. He briefly attended the University of Illinois, where he studied film and writing, but soon quit college to travel through Europe, living in Ireland for six months. Upon his return to the U.S. he took up acting at the Piven Theater Workshop in Chicago, and there joined forces with Jeremy Piven and John Cusack to form New Crime Productions, then a Comedia del Arte based theater company and now an L.A. production company.

Paul began writing the script for "This is My Father" during his stay in Ireland but put it down for ten years. "I needed the time to live life a bit and develop something to say, to give the film a theme that mattered to me," says Quinn. He completed the script in 1996 and handed it to his brothers. "It felt like it took them forever to read it. I think they were afraid they'd hate it." But after reading the script the brothers eagerly came aboard, lending some bankability to the project. Paul says of his film, "I think this film will speak to those parts of all of us that remain ungrieved and uncared for -- to that thrown away part of us."

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