The minute he wakes up and the minute before sleep - for two minutes each day, Blake Falls feels alone. He tries to grab those minutes before they vanish. They are enough to remind him who he is.

Michael and Mark Polish as Blake and Francis Falls Francis Falls understands that if it weren't for Blake, he wouldn't be able to make it. His conjoined twin's heart is very strong. Blake, he knows, could live without him.

The brothers live quietly in an eccentric hotel peopled with odd characters, talking in a shorthand formed over 25 years. They dress impeccably in a custom-tailored suit, adjusting each other's ties; they dine on cotton candy, and on their birthday their only meal is their trademark chocolate cake; they blow out two candles, one at a time. They can keep straight faces while telling outrageous tales from their earlier days in show business. When Francis becomes ill, Blake holds him through the night, the way he always has. Together, they feel complete.

Michele Hicks as Penny When Penny (Michele Hicks) a beautiful young woman enters their lives, for the first time someone sees the brothers' world from the inside. She makes them think of possibilities when they're certain there aren't any. They start to wonder how it would be to feel complete in new ways. "Maybe I'll call you when I'm single," Blake quips.

They imagine living not as medical anomalies but as individuals who can breathe, walk and dream on their own.

A most unusual love story, "Twin Falls Idaho" stars Mark Polish, Michael Polish and Michele Hicks, with a cast including Lesley Ann Warren, Patrick Bauchau, Jon Gries, Garrett Morris and William Katt. "Twin Falls Idaho" is the directorial debut of Michael Polish and was written by his identical twin brother Mark Polish, with Michael sharing credit as co-writer. Marshall Persinger, Rena Ronson and Steven J. Wolfe produced the film and Joyce Schweickert served as executive producer.

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