Benoît Delhomme (Director of Photography) first captured audience's attention with "The Scent of Green Papaya" for director Tran Anh Hung. The film won the Gold Camera Youth Award at Cannes, Best First Film at the Florence Film Festival, a César for Best First Feature, and an Academy Award Nomination for Best Foreign Film. Since then, he has worked on numerous award winning features including Tran Ahn Hung's "Cyclo" (winner of the Golden Lion at Venice), Cédric Klapisch's "Un Air De Famille" and "When The Cat's Away" (winner of the Critic's Award at Berlin), and Agnes Merlet's "Artemisia" (nominated for a César Award for Best Cinematography).

Most recently, Benoît worked with Mike Figgis on "The Loss of Sexual Innocence" and Michael Winterbottom on "Old New Borrowed Blue."

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