"'Absurd and absurdly charming...a delightful melancholic story of a lonely man saved by imagination and love...each laugh brings forth more feeling in a movie that flirts with tragedy but opts for joy."Mahohla Dargis, THE NEW YORK TIMES
"Has the goofy sincerity of something made with genuine love...A winning tribute...It all coheres beautifully...childhood's end, the therapeutic power of art, the endearing, exasperating nature of fan culture...One of the movie's best performances is given by Mark Hamill...Kyle Mooney is terrific."Justin Chang, LA TIMES
"Kyle Mooney is extraordinary."Jordan Hoffman, VANITY FAIR
"Mooney gives Brigsby Bear a soul."David Fear, ROLLING STONE
"Mooney gives one of the most dynamic lead comedic performances in years."Nick Allen, ROGER EBERT.COM
"A weirdly funny, wise and completely original movie you just might fall in love with. As surprising as it is human, this is the sleeper of the summer. Don't miss it."Pete Hammond, DEADLINE
"Pitch-perfect"David Sims, THE ATLANTIC
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Childhood is when impressionable minds open widest to the mesmerizing power of entertainment. Nearly everyone can recall connecting with a show so completely it feels like a magical world created just for you.

But what if it actually was?

Superfan James is obsessed with the clever if quaintly goofy kids' show Brigsby Bear to the point of religiosity. A bright, sensitive young adult still living at home, he has grown up with this fantasy series, and the program has grown with him as well — getting more complex over the years. But to say James' intensely protective parents have kept their son a bit sheltered is an understatement.

One dramatic night, James' insular world is upended. Through the disorienting but sporadically hilarious transition to a new life that follows, Brigsby remains James' security blanket and, upon learning the series has been cancelled, he adopts the old adage that the show must go on. Family members and authority figures fret over James' fixation, but by becoming Brigsby Bear's new creator instead of just a viewer in the dark, he finally accesses all the meaningful connections his life has lacked. By telling his story, James repairs it — producing in the process an inventively offbeat and profoundly uplifting love letter to the redemptive power of creativity.

"Had me laughing and crying, often at the same time. I've been telling everyone I Know to see this movie."Ben Barna, NYLON
"Plumbs significant emotional depths while being warmly funny."Tim Grierson, SCREEN INTERNATIONAL"Terrific! It's fantastic! Mooney's performance is perfectly pitched between gormless hilarity and a disarming sweetness."Tasha Robison, VERGEGRADE A+"Mooney is superb. With genuine imagination and heart. I can't think of another film this year that I've enjoyed as much."Shelon Wiebe, ECLIPSE MAGAZINE

The Cast

"It's about the power of art to save and inspire us. It's a celebration of creativity and fandom, and it will put a huge smile on your face."Matt Goldberg, COLLIDER
"The kind of movie that makes us grateful for movies."Alex Springer, SLUG MAG"Hilarious, full of heart, and unlike anything you've ever seen!"Peter Sciretta, SLASH FILM
"The film to change how comedies are written. A comedy classic. Whimsical and entertaining."Daniel Jungenberg, MXDWN.COM"Reaffirms your belief in the positive powers of imagination."J.R. Kinnard, POP MATTERS

The Filmmakers

  • DirectorDave McCary
  • Story byKyle Mooney
  • Screenplay byKevin CostelloKyle Mooney
  • Executive ProducersP. Jennifer DanaRoss JacobsonPhil HoeltingLian Hua
  • Produced byMark RobertsAl DiPhil LordChristopher MillerWill AllegraAndy SambergJorma TacconeAkiva SchafferBilly Rosenberg
  • Co-ProducerJason Zaro
  • Director of PhotographyChristian Sprenger
  • Production DesignerBrandon Tonner-Connolly
  • EditorJacob Craycroft
  • Costume DesignerSarah Mae Burton
  • Music byDavid Wingo
  • Music SupervisorKier Lehman
  • Line ProducerMatthew Medlin
  • Casting byCourtney BrightNicole Daniels


"One of the most enjoyable, original films I have ever seen...I cannot wait to see it again."
Nathan McVay, HEY U GUYS
"A wonderful ode to the power of storytelling and friendship."Alex Billington, FIRST SHOWING
"Destined to become a feverishly adored cult classic."Josiah Hughes, EXCLAIM