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Broken English
Croatian born NINA (Aleksandra Vujcic) escapes with her family from their war ravaged homeland to the culturally mixed suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand. Smothered by the controlling love of her volatile father, IVAN (Rade Serbedzija), Nina finds tender romance when she falls in love with EDDIE (Julian Arahanga), a New Zealand native (Maori). Frustrated, Nina knows there is no chance that she and Eddie can afford to start their own life together, until she's offered a large sum of money to marry Chinese political refugee, WU, thus allowing him resident status. Ivan learns of Nina's marriage of convenience and is further enraged when he discovers Nina is pregnant with Eddie's child. Desperate to reassert his control over her, Ivan risks alienating his entire family when he tries to tear Nina away from the man she truly loves.

Opens on May 2nd, 1997

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