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Crumby Stuff

All the following Crumby stuff is available from your friendly local comix book dealer or call 1-800-6R CRUMB to place a VISA/MASTERCARD order. Art prints by R. Crumb also available. Call to inquire

Collector's Nightmare T-Shirt-100% Cotton. L and XL. $18.95
Devil Girl T-Shirt-100% Cotton. Red or black shirt. L and XL. $18.95

Crumb Postcard Book

Postcards!- 24 full color images from the underground comix master! None of these color images are available anywhere else! Handy 6" x 4" tear-out book format. $11.95

Devil Girl Choco Bars

Candy Bars!- "It's bad for you!" proclaims Devil Girl on her own Choco-Bar . The cheap sugar buzz you need. 15 delicious candy bars in a cool "cigar box" illustrated top to bottom by Crumb. $30.00


Crumb Movie Poster- The must-have poster for the best movie of the year! This full color photo poster features Crumb himself and his ideal female beauty, captured within a frame of twisted Crumb drawings. It's a movie about hang-ups, and you can have the best hang-up of all- the official Crumb movie poster! $10.95

Cloisonne Pins!

Full. color, high-quality pins on a beautiful color backer card in a clear plastic display case. Three clasic characters. $7.95 each.
1. Mr. Natural
2. Snoid
3. Smelly Old Cat.


Mr. Natural Vinyl Squeeze Toy! The Full color soft vinyl counterculture guru squeaks when you squeeze him. Over 4 inches high and hand-painted. comes in a brightly deorated. full color box with an exclusive trading card. $19.95.


1. Homegrown funnies $2.95 (Whiteman is kidnapped by Yeti, the sasquatch)
2. People's Comics* $2.95(The death of Fritz the Cat!)
3. Snoid Comics* $2.50
4. Mr. Natural #3* $2.95
5. XYZ* $2.95
6. Artistic Comics*$4.95

Crumb Does Kafka

Crumb Does Kafka!- Only R. Crumb could bring visual life to the demented and dark works of Franz Kafka. Introducing Kafka is a vibrant biography that examines this Czech writer in a way that a bland textbook never could! 176-page, B&W sofcover. $11.95

Trading  Cards!

Full color set of 36 of Crumb's best characters in trading card form. Includes Mr. Natural, Flakey Foont, Devil Girl, R. Crumb himself and many more. Comes in full color collector's box. $10.95*.

Wrapping Paper!

Wrapping Paper!- For holidays, birthdays, or any occasion, Crumbwrap spruces up any gift. Four different 18" x 24" sheets, four different Crumb designs (Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat, Bearzy Wearzies, and bebop surrealism), in a Crumb-illustrated folder. $9.95

Mr. Natural metal Poster!

Full color 9" x 12" metal poster shows how Mr. Natural gets the job done. $15.00.

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Last modified Aug. 15, 1995.