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Of her character, Caroleen Feeney says, "Barbara's a romantic. That part of her is always just a millimeter under the skin. I think that on the business trips she takes, checking into those hotel rooms, her real dream is to be in love, it's something that she goes to bed every night dreaming about," says Feeney.

"I remember thinking when I met with Hal Salwen that I could never play Barbara, that she was nothing like me. I thought I would be reading for one of the other characters -- but then I was cast as Barbara. I realized that what it was that both attracted me and frightened me about her was that I was a lot more like her than I was willing to admit. I had locked myself away for a couple of years and I think that playing her was what got me out of my shell."

"Barbara is a woman who feels a lot and I think that like a lot of women today, she finds that her place in the world is hard to define. Where and when do you let go of the working woman? I can't tell you how many women have come up to me after seeing the film who told me 'Oh my God, that's my life!"

When asked about the relationship between Jerry and Barbara, she says, "People are getting into these kinds of phone/computer relationships based on each other's fantasies and nothing else, where you don't have to deal with the mundane, with reality. You can always fantasize that the person looks better than they do, and vice versa, and there's no messiness, no spills. You can actually see on talk shows when these computer lovers are brought together for the first time, the look of let down when they're faced with the real image. It's really scary.

Feeney confesses that something similar happened to her once: "I met someone on the phone, and for some reason it was so easy to be intimate and open and then I met him and I was embarrased, I was uncomfortable. The phone allows you to get ahead of yourself, the progression of the relationship becomes unnatural, and before you know it you're opening up at ten times the speed that you would if the person were present. Everyone's so charming on the phone. All your fantasies are added to the person's voice and it's inevitably a letdown."

Feeney is a native of France. She traveled as a child, living in Hong Kong among other places while her father conducted his business as an importer/exporter. Moving to New York to go to school, Feeney began her work as an actress, performing in a variety of stage productions, and for a period of two years was in Terrence Lamuda's "Remembrance" at the John Houseman Theater.

Feeney has just finished working on John Carpenter's ESCAPE FROM LA. She recently shot Jon MacNeal's KNUCKLEBALL on location in Ireland. She also appeared in CADILLAC RANCH with Christopher Lloyd, and in Gavin Grazer's CHOW BELLA.

Past Credits Include...

FULL COUNT, directed by Jon MacNeal
KNUCKLEBALL, directed by Jon MacNeal
ESCAPE FROM L.A., directed by John Carpenter
CADILLAC RANCH, directed by Lisa Gottlieb
CHOW BELLA, directed by Gavin Grazer
DA VINCI'S WAR, directed by Raymond Martino
ABRACADABRA, directed by Robin Russin


REMEMBRANCE - directed by Terrence Lamude, John Houseman Theater



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