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I first met Erick four years ago at a film festival where I presented him with an award for one of his short films. When he came up on the stage he said: "Elodie Bouchez doesn't know it yet but I've written my first feature film for her." I was flattered and touched, it was the first time something like that happened to me. In the following two or three years we'd bumped into each other from time to time but Erick never talked about his script until the day he finally offered me the part. I really liked the story but I found that Isa's personality was too passive in comparison to Marie. It seemed to me that Isa wasn't part of the action, she was too nice, too giving. And I was tired of characters like that. But Erick was sure of himself.

Then, on the first day of the shoot, I cleared all that stuff out of my mind and found myself literally in a state of grace. I was not conscious of becoming the character. I was totally taken up by it. Pure magic. Isa never looks at herself in the film and I didn't want her to look at herself. So for weeks and weeks, throughout the shoot, I didn't look at myself a single time. It gave me an incredible sensation of freedom and total absence of modesty. That's how I managed to get it all across, including the dangerous moments. Erick always supported me and encouraged me to go in that direction. We communicated in short code phrases.

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