June 1946: Stalin launches a vast propaganda campaign aimed at Russian emigrants living in the West, offering them an amnesty, a Soviet passport and the chance to participate in the post-war reconstruction of the USSR. Alexei Golovine, an emigrant living in France responds to this appeal along with many others. He decides to return to the mother country which he has missed so deeply, taking his young French wife, Marie, and his son Serioja, with him.

On arrival in Odessa, Stalin's welcome is not what they had expected. Many of their travelling companions are executed on the spot or sent to forced labor camps. Alexei and his family escape this fate and are sent to Kiev simply because the Soviet authorities realise that they have much to gain from this young doctor. He will be paraded as an example, a model "returnee". This is the price Alexei has to pay to save Marie and Serioja.

Nominated for an Academy Award®
for Best Foreign Language Film
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