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MARISA PAREDES (Leo) is probably best known for her co-starring role with Victor Abril as the self-obsessed cabaret singer Becky del Paramo in Almodovar's "High Heels." Her unconventional talents have taken her from international film roles to leading appearances in plays by Samuel Beckett, Turgenev, Chekhov and Arthur Miller and a string of Spanish and international prizes for acting. Paredes was studying at the Dramatic Arts Conservatory in Madrid when Jose Osuna called her to make her debut in "Not Tonight" Since then, her whole life has been dedicated to the development of her vocation. She has frequently participated in the unconventional projects and has often taken a risk with new directors. Aside from the Onda Madrid Prize which she received for "Tras el Cristal" (1988), the Valladolod Silver medal for her theatrical career, and Fotogrames de Plata in 1970 as Best New Actress, her work in "High Heels" led her to receive the following awards: Fotogramas de Plata (Best Actress), Best Actress at the Gramados Film Festival (Brazil), the Sant Jordi Award, and the Spanish Actors Union Award. Her films include "Las Salvajes en Puente San Gil," "Goya, Historia de Una Soledad," "Larga Noche de Julio," "El Perro," Sus Anos Dorados," "Entre Tinieblas," Las Bicicletas Son Para el Verano," "Cara de Acelga," "Tras el Cristal," "Continental," "Tacones Lejanos," "Hors Seaon," "La Reina Anonima," "Tierno Verano de Lujurias y Azoteas," "Tombe du Ciel," "La Nave de los Locos," "Diario de un Violador" and "Talk of Angels."