Monsieur Ibrahimcast and crew
the cast Monsieur Ibrahim Omar Sharif
Momo Pierre Boulanger
Momo's father Gilbert Melki
Momo's mother Isabelle Renauld
Myriam Lola Naynmark
Sylvie Anne Suarez
Fatou Mata Gavin
Eva Celine Samie
"La Star" Isabelle Adjani
The car salesman Guillaume Gallienne
The director Guillane Rannou
The driving school instructor Manuel Lelievre
The policeman Daniel Znyk
The schoolmistress Francoise Armelle
The testgiver Sylvie Herbert
The notary Claude Merline
The bouquiniste Pascal Vincent
Myriam's mother Tessa Volkine
Nadia Marie-Sophie Ahmadi
Administrative worker#1 Maryse Deol
Administrative worker#2 Gerard Bole du Chaumont
Administrative worker#3 Francois Toumaarkine
Administrative worker#4 Sylvie Debrun
Momo at 8 years old Jeremy Sitbon
Momo at 30 years old Eric Caravaca
the crew Director Francois Dupeyeron
Adaptation Francois Dupeyeron
Dialogue Francois Dupeyeron
Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
After the play by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Published by Editions Albin Michel
Cinematography Remy Chevrin
Production Design Katia Wyszkop
Montage Dominique Faysse
Casting Brigitte Moidon
Sound Francois Maurel
Mix Gerard Lamps
Sound mix Jean Dubreuil
Costumes Catherine Bouchard
First assistant director Patrick DeLabriere
Production designer Francis Barrois
Makeup Pasquale Bouquiere
Hair Fabienne Bressan
Produced by Michele & Laurent Petin
An ARP Production
Co-produced with France 3 Cinema
With the participation of Canal+